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“What is to give light must endure burning.”

— Viktor Frankl


— 维克特·弗兰克尔


Mingjun Guo is graduated from OCAD University with a bachelor degree in illustration. With an on-going learning process, her work explores a variety of media, such as water-colour, acrylic, gouache, and more.



Mingjun Guo's work speaks the relationship between nature and human in a philosophical perspective. Nature not only brings human resources but also teaches them life lessons. Personally, Mingjun believes every plant has its own spirituality and resembles a person's life. The life of a plant starts from seeding, sprouting, blooming, to eventually bearing fruit... Nature has granted a plant a meaningful life through this entire process. Likewise, human kind are meant to have a similar purpose. In its simplest form, nature nourishes and teaches people to live an abundant life, with the ultimate goal to bear fruit. 

郭铭隽的作品以一种哲学的视角解读了人与自然之间的关系。她认为自然在为人类提供了资源的同时更教会了人们许多关于生命的意义。她相信每一株植物都如同一个人一样被赋予了独特的灵魂。播种,发芽,开花,结果......植物如此这般走完了它们的一生。人何尝不是如此, 他们也应当在自然中学习、历炼,最终像植物一样,收获人生的果实。

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